Dr Marc Allison
Dr Marc Allison Senior Research Associate, NIAB CUF
Mrs Laura Amos Office Administrator
Image of Helen Appleyard
Miss Helen Appleyard Head of Analytical Services (Biochemistry and Seed Pathology)
Miss Yeorgia Argirou PhD student
Mr Harvey Armstrong PhD student
Peter Baker
Mr Peter Baker Technical Manager, Ornamental Crops
Mrs Tina Baker HR administrator - NIAB EMR
Alison Barnett
Ms Alison Barnett TAG Consulting Agronomist
Professor Tina Barsby OBE Special advisor
Dr Helen Bates Research Scientist
Mr Jon Bellamy TAG Consulting Agronomist
Professor Gerard Bishop Senior Research Associate
Mr Lorenzo Borleanu Trials manager
Mr Alin Borleanu Technical Officer - variety development
Dr Lesley Boyd
Dr Lesley Boyd Programme Leader
Professor Mario Caccamo Chief Executive
Dr Anyela Camargo Rodriguez
Dr Anyela Camargo Rodriguez Computational Biologist
Mrs Claire Carpenter Technical Specialist - Seed Certification and Courses
Dr Sandra Chapman Pathology Field Trials Manager
Mr Andrew Chell TAG Consulting Agronomist
Mr David Clarke Soils and Farming Systems Technician
Dr Helen Cockerton
Dr Helen Cockerton Research Leader – Quantitative Geneticist & Plant Pathologist
Dr James Cockram
Dr James Cockram Group leader
Shaun Coleman
Mr Shaun Coleman Centre Manager - Kirton
Mr Steve Cook Regional Agronomist - South
Beatrice Corsi
Ms Beatrice Corsi Post-doc researcher - molecular diagnostician, plant pathology
Mr Mark Coxeter Consultant, Commercial IP Licensing of Berry Fruits
John Cussans
Mr John Cussans Agronomy KT Development Manager & Weed Biology Specialist
Greg Davison
Mr Greg Davison TAG Consulting Agronomist
Miss Poppy De Pass Centre Manager (Cirencester) & Regional Agronomist (West)
Dr Greg Deakin
Dr Greg Deakin Senior specialist – Bioinformatics and Statistics
Dr Mark Else Head of Crop Science and Production Systems - NIAB EMR
Mr David Evershed Laboratory Manager for Grain Quality, Analytical Services
Ms Felicidad Fernández Fernández Senior Fruit Breeder
Stephen Flack
Mr Stephen Flack Senior Technical Manager Agricultural Crop Characterisation
Mr Pete Fletcher Laboratory Manager
Dr Michelle Fountain
Dr Michelle Fountain Head of Pest and Pathogen Ecology
Dr Bart Fraaije Programme leader - disease control
Mr Nick Fradgley PhD student
Mr Charles Gentry NIAB Digital Account Manager
Dr Michael Gifford
Dr Michael Gifford Director of Commercialisation
Dr Anna Gordon
Dr Anna Gordon Senior Research Scientist
Mr Tom Green TAG Consulting Agronomist
Mr Angus Hamilton NIAB TAG Membership Administrator
Mr Adrian Harris Horticultural Trials Co-ordinator
Dr Richard Harrison Director of Cambridge Crop Research
Ms Kate Harrison HR Administrator
Tim Henshaw
Mr Tim Henshaw Technical Manager Seed Certification
Dr Sigrid Heuer
Dr Sigrid Heuer Senior Group Leader - Crop Improvement and Resilience
Dr Phil Howell
Dr Phil Howell Head of Cereals Pre-Breeding
Miss Amelia Hubbard Plant Pathologist
Mr Phil Humphrey Regional Agronomist
Dr Katharina Huntenburg
Dr Katharina Huntenburg Senior Research Associate, NIAB CUF
Dr Timo Hytönen Principal Research Scientist
Robert Jackson
Dr Robert Jackson Post Doc Researcher
Ms Catherine Johnson Centre Manager - Telford
Ms Abi Johnson Plant Breeder
Ms Amanda Karlstrom Plant Breeder and Geneticist
Mr Stephen Keach TAG Consulting Agronomist
Stuart Knight
Mr Stuart Knight Deputy Director and Director of NIAB Agronomy
Dr Anindya Kundu Postdoctoral researcher
Clare Leaman
Mrs Clare Leaman Cereal Varieties Specialist
Mr Mark Leaman Director of Resource Management
Dr Fiona Leigh
Dr Fiona Leigh Senior Research Scientist
Marzena Lipska
Ms Marzena Lipska Project Leader, Cherry Breeding and Variety & Novel Crop Trialling Manager
Dr Suzanne Litthauer
Dr Suzanne Litthauer Assistant Molecular Breeder; DNA Fingerprinting Service Manager
Mrs Ros Lloyd Head of Communications
Mr Matteo Luberti PhD student
Linda Maile
Ms Linda Maile OSTS Chief Officer
Ms Sue Mann Field Trials Centre Manager (Cambridge)
Mr Federico Marangelli Research Technician
Miss Emily Marr PhD student
Dr Juno McKee
Dr Juno McKee Director of NIAB Ventures
Ms Vanessa McMillan Technical manager DUS - agricultural crop characterisation
Mary McPhee
Mrs Mary McPhee Membership Administration Manager
Mr Kevin Middleton Marketing Communications Officer
Mr Ian Midgley National Trials Co-ordinator
Dr Matthew Milner
Dr Matthew Milner Senior Specialist
Mr Stephen Morley Seed Handling Unit Manager
Dr Nathan Morris Farming Systems and Soils Specialist
Mr Jake Moscrop PhD student
Bruce Napier
Mr Bruce Napier Vegetable Specialist, Quality Manager & Biological Safety Officer
Mr David Neill Project Manager
Dr Charlotte Nellist
Dr Charlotte Nellist Programme Leader Pathology
Dr Aoife O' Driscoll Senior Specialist - Crop Protection and Agronomy
Dr Flora O'Brien Specialist in Root Biology
Dr Eric Ober
Dr Eric Ober Programme Leader, Crop Physiology
Chris Page
Mr Chris Page TAG Consulting Agronomist
Dr Matevz Papp-Rupar
Dr Matevz Papp-Rupar Plant Pathologist, Project Leader
Mrs Hilary Papworth Ornamental Crop Glasshouse Specialist
David Parish
Mr David Parish Agronomy Consultancy Team Leader
Hannah Parish
Ms Hannah Parish Regional Manager (East)
Dr Lawrence Percival-Alwyn Researcher- Molecular Biology and Informatics
Mr Mike Perry Regional Manager (West) & Centre Manager - Callow
Mr Colin Peters Break Crop Specialist
Mrs Haidee Philpott Senior Statistician
Bethan Postle
Miss Bethan Postle Contracts and Events Officer
Dr Jordan Price
Dr Jordan Price Postdoctoral Researcher, Microbial Symbiosis
Claire Pumfrey
Ms Claire Pumfrey Project Manager, Membership and Corporate Services
Ms Hayley Rhodes Regional Manager (North)
Mr Will Roberts Business Development Manager
Sally Rule
Ms Sally Rule Technical Specialist Cereals
Dan Sargent NIAB EMR
Professor Dan Sargent NAB EMR Head of Genetics, Genomics and Breeding
Dr Abhimanyu Sarkar
Dr Abhimanyu Sarkar Programme Leader, Legume Genetics
Mr Stephen Scarr Facilities manager - Cambridge
Mrs Elizabeth Scott Head of Crop Characterisation, Varieties and Seeds
Mr Syed Shah Regional Agronomist (South)
Dr Andrew Simkin Deputy Head of Genetics, Genomics and Breeding
Miss Katie Simmonds Centre manager (Sutton Scotney)
Mr Will Smith Trials Manager
Dr Lydia Smith
Dr Lydia Smith Head of NIAB Innovation Farm and Eastern AgriTech Innovation Hub
Miss Emma Smith Business Development and COmmercial Contracts
Dr Eleftheria Stavridou
Dr Eleftheria Stavridou Senior specialist in plant nutrition
Patrick Stephenson
Mr Patrick Stephenson Regional Agronomist (North)
Dr Elizabeth Stockdale Head of Farming Systems Research
Ms Teresa Stratton PA to Dr Tina Barsby
Dr Stéphanie Swarbreck
Dr Stéphanie Swarbreck Programme Leader - Crop Molecular Physiology
Miss Ellie Sweetman Forage Specialist
Alex Talibudeen
Mr Alex Talibudeen Technical Manager DUS - Agricultural Crop Characterisation
Mr Benjamin Tea Glasshouse Manager & Technical Grower
Julian Thirsk
Mr Julian Thirsk Consultant - TAG Consulting
Dr Jane Thomas
Dr Jane Thomas Head of Department- Pathology and Entomology
Dr Pauline Thomelin
Dr Pauline Thomelin Post Doc Researcher – Genetics, Root biology
Dr Kay Trafford
Dr Kay Trafford Programme Leader
Mr Keith Truett Regional Agronomist (South-East)
Trisna Tungadi
Dr Trisna Tungadi Postdoctoral researcher - entomology
Miss Kate Waite Agronomy trials co-ordinator
Dr Margaret Wallace
Dr Margaret Wallace Senior Technical Manager Agricultural Crop Characterisation
Dr Emma Wallington Head of Crop Transformation
Dr Francis Wamonje Research Leader - Entomology
Nick Watson
Mr Nick Watson Director of Commercial Services
Andrew Watson
Mr Andrew Watson Regional Agronomist (East)
Mr Mark Wavish Regional Manager (South)
Simon Welch
Mr Simon Welch TAG Consulting Agronomist
Mr Julian Westaway BCPC General Manager
Mr Adam Whitehouse Project Leader
Dr Trevor Wignall Technical Research Assistant
Andrew Wilkins
Mr Andrew Wilkins TAG Consulting Agronomist
Fiona Wilson
Dr Fiona Wilson Research Scientist
Chris Winney
Mr Chris Winney Head of Consultancy Services, TAG Consulting
Tim Wood
Mr Tim Wood TAG Consulting Agronomist
Dr Thomas Wood Senior Specialist, Plant Pathology
Dr Tally Wright Senior research scientist
Professor Xiangming Xu Head of Science - NIAB EMR
John Youles
Mr John Youles TAG Consulting Agronomist
Dr Ji Zhou Head of Data Sciences