Deborah Babalola

Deborah Babalola
PhD student - East Malling
07783 727672

Research interests

Deborah has a BTech and MSc in Biochemistry. Her research interest is in the applications of genetics and genomic tools to crop improvement for economic sustainability, enhanced nutrition, and health.

She is currently enrolled in the CTP-FCR PhD studentship in Crop Sciences at the University of Reading and based at NIAB East Malling. Her PhD research is focused on understanding the mechanism and genetic control of primocane and floricane fruiting habits in raspberries and blackberries.


  • The genetics of flowering in raspberry and blackberry (Rubus) - what makes a primocane?; Duration: February 2023-January 2027; Partners: University of Reading, NIAB, Berry Gardens Growers Ltd; Funding: BBSRC, CTP-FCR


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