Morley (East Anglia)

NIAB Morley

Morley Business Centre, Deopham Road, Morley, Wymondham, NR18 9DF

NIAB's eastern trials centre is based at The Morley Agricultural Foundation's Morley Farms.

christopher.whyles [at] (Chris Whyles)
Centre Manager
M: 07840 295642

The NIAB Farming Systems team is also based at Morley including:
David Clarke - soils and farming systems technician
Dr Nathan Morris - farming systems and soils


Featured in NIAB's Landmark magazine in May 2020 Hannah Parish and Rebecca Owles summarise the trials delivery programme at Morley

Introducing NIAB's Morley Team:

Chris Whyles, Jack Poulden, Shaun Coleman, Grace Bale and David Clarke explain all about their roles working at Morley, including what the best thing is about working there.