Adding value and resilience

Designing Future Wheat - Work Package 2

Enhancing grain quality for human health, combat diet-related diseases and improve the resilience of wheat to biotic stresses. NIAB is developing germplasm with starch characteristics predicted to improve the processability, nutrition and digestibility of wheat.

Key contacts

Work package leader Cristobal Uauy John Innes Centre
Work package deputy leads Peter Shewry Rothamsted Research
  Kim Hammond-Kosack Rothamsted Research
Co principle investigators Neil Hall Earlham Institute
  Alison Lovegrove Rothamsted Research
  Brittany Hazard Quadram Institute
  Paul Nicholson John Innes Centre
  Malcolm Hawkeshead Rothamsted Research
  Diane Saunders John Innes Centre
  Kostya Kanyuka Rothamsted Research
  Kay Trafford NIAB
  Ksenia Krasileva The Sainsbury Laboratory
NIAB researchers tansy.chia [at] (Tansy Chia)  
  marcella.chirico [at] (Marcella Chirico)