NIAB provides world-class research, information and advice to support the sustainable intensification of crop production through improved genetics, precision agronomy and knowledge-based decision support tools.

The unremitting focus of NIAB’s research is to deliver integrated, industry-facing solutions to improve the productivity, efficiency and sustainability of crop production.

NIAB has skills in molecular genetics, genomics, pest and disease biology and management, crop and post-harvest physiology, agronomy and environmental science. We use that knowledge of how genetics, environment and management interact to increase quality production and cope with a more variable and changing climate, in ways that are profitable for producers. NIAB also enhances the provision of other ecosystem services, increases the efficiency of resources, resulting in less waste across the food system, and minimises greenhouse gas emissions.

NIAB’s pre-breeding platform has accelerated genetic advances in wheat, including ground-breaking synthetic wheat research. Our crop transformation capability provides cutting-edge scientific services to UK and international research teams. Crop protection research is focused on improving disease resistance, working closely with universities and institutes around the world.