Wildflower Area and Beetle Bank in Blackcurrant Plantations

Dr Michelle Fountain from NIAB explains how to enhance pollinating insects and natural enemies in blackcurrant plantations and gives advice about:

- the mowing of perennial wildflower area
- providing unmowed flowering areas as additional resources
- how to provide habitat for ground beetles to enhance biodiversity and natural enemies with a ‘beetle bank’


Enhancing Pollinating Insects and Natural Enemies in Plum Orchards

Celina Silva, Senior Entomological Technician at NIAB, tells us about providing wildflower areas as habitats for pollinators and for natural enemies to the pest of crop trees and about the benefits of wilfdlower areas to crops and pollinators. She also gives us a little insight in the NIAB study in which trees in the orchard are provided with nests as refuge for the natural enemies species.


Growers Guide to Surveying Pollinators in Orchards

Konstantinos Tsiolis, PhD student at NIAB, demonstrates how to conduct a survey about the pollinators in an orchard using the BEESPOKE survey forms


You can watch more videos and tutorials on the BEESPOKE YouTube channel.