List of materials

The project researchers have selected the following hybrid accessions from CIAT’s genebank for further study:

Hybrid accession Species Collection information Representative parent 1 Representative parent 2
G24764B P. dumosus x P. vulgaris hybrid Colombia, Boyacá, Garagoa G36179, P. dumosus cultivated G24764D, P. vulgaris feral
G35980H P. vulgaris x P. dumosus cultivated Colombia, Tolima, Chaparral G23992, P. vulgaris cultivated G35980, P. dumosus cultivated
G50785Y1 P. vulgaris x P. coccineus hybrid Colombia, Antioquia, Andes G50785V2, P. vulgaris cultivated G35998, P. coccineus cultivated
G50879X4 P. vulgaris x P. coccineus hybrid Colombia, Caldas, Salamina G50879V1, P. vulgaris cultivated G36211, P. coccineus cultivated
G51274l P. vulgaris x P. coccineus hybrid Colombia, Nariño, Pasto G51274D, P. vulgaris cultivated G35361, P. coccineus cultivated
G36124 P. dumosus x P. coccineus cultivated Colombia, Putumayo, San Francisco (valley of Sibundoy) G35270, P. dumosus cultivated G35271, P. coccineus cultivated
G36393 P. dumosus x P. costaricensis feral Costa Rica, Cartago, Cartago G35807, P. dumosus cultivated G40893B, P. costaricensis wild
G23860H P. vulgaris feral Bolivia, Tarija, Cercado G23871, P. vulgaris cultivated G23860M, P. vulgaris wild
G35877A P. dumosus feral Guatemala, Sololá, Panajachel G35729, P. dumosus cultivated G35877, P. dumosus wild
G52443 3-way Phaseolus hybrid (INB47) CIAT Bean Program G5773, P. vulgaris cultivated G40102, P. parvifolius wild; G40001, P. acutifolius cultivated
ASC144 P. vulgaris x P. dumosus CIAT Bean Program CAL96 P. vulgaris G35575A, P. dumosus, cultivated
MIB780 P. vulgaris x P. dumosus CIAT Bean Program FEB226 P. vulgaris G35575B, P. dumosus, cultivated