Increasing efficiency and sustainability

Designing Future Wheat - Work Package 1

Developing improved germplasm for yield, biotic and abiotic stress using high throughput field phenotyping for monitoring performance and the genetic dissection of key traits. NIAB will be utilising germplasm selected from DFW, WISP and other projects to identify lines with traits capable of conferring drought tolerance under field conditions.

Key contacts

Work package leader Malcolm Hawkeshead Rothamsted Research
Theme leader Scott Boden John Innes Centre
Co principle investigators Alison Bentley NIAB
  Mikhail Semenov Rothamsted Research
  Simon Griffiths John Innes Centre
  Cristobal Uauy John Innes Centre
  Graham Moore John Innes Centre
  Richard Whalley Rothamsted Research
  Matthew Paul Rothamsted Research
  Ji Zhou NIAB
NIAB researchers Robert Jackson