Potato Yield Modelling

Maximise on-farm profitability by generating real-time forecasts of how total and graded yield will develop using the Potato Yield Modelling service from NIAB.

Designed by NIAB's Potato Research Team, and successfully used by growers and commercial organisations in five countries to improve crop performance and make more informed decisions, the service:

  • Forecasts total and graded yield up to 10 weeks before harvest
  • Allows benchmarking of crop performance and canopy development
  • Allows you to choose the optimal burndown date for desired market specifications

Available via PC, smartphone or tablet, on the NIAB Potato Crop Management dashboard and third party platforms, including Crop4Sight and KisanHub.

Next steps

For more information and to register contact the NIAB team on +44 (0) 1223 651599 or by pym [at] niab.com (email)

Current users

Download the monitoring and sampling protocols

View the Potato Yield Model API documentation