Climate Ready Beans - workshop presentations (March 2022)

Presentations from the 'Developing a hybrid bean collection to advance climate-ready bean breeding' workshop held on 1 March 2022


Introduction to the project

Daniel G Debouck: When nature helps your crossing programme
(Expert consultant, CIAT affiliate)

Steve Beebe: Wide crosses in Phaseolus bean breeding
(Bean Breeding Programme Leader, CIAT)

Benjamin Kilian: Pre-breeding achievements in the Crop Wild Relatives project
(Senior Scientist, Plant Genetic Resources, The Crop Trust)

Diego Felipe Conejo: Phenomic characterisation seed and pod of interspecific hybrid between P. acutifolious x P. vulgaris x P. montanus
(Associated researcher, Genetic Resources Programme - digital genebank, CIAT)

Sarah Dyer: Accessing germplasm genotypic and phenotypic resources
(Non-Vertebrate Genomics Team Leader, EMBL-EBI)

Tim Porch: Using wil tepary bean to improve common bean
USDA-ARS - Tropical Research Station

Simon McAdam: Characterisation of morphology and disease resistance in Phaseolus hybrids to guide crossing
(Plant pathologist, NIAB)