NIAB Agronomy

Membership guarantees unique, science-based technical insight to feed business improvement.

Aimed at arable growers NIAB offers an agronomy membership service that translates the most recent science and the best practice into on-farm strategies to:

  • boost yields and quality
  • save money and improve margins
  • build resilience into the farming system.


Members benefit from exclusive, impartial technical insights drawn from our large member research programme and preferential access to NIAB’s strategic research and crop specialists. They have access to independent advice on inputs, variety choice, crop management, soil management and rotations – everything you need to optimise the profitability on your farm. This advice can be face to face at any of our field days throughout the season, at winter conferences, over the phone, on-line or via many of our publications. Advice is tailored specifically for your situation.

The average member pays about £2.40/ha for access to all NIAB Agronomy services. The total package cost depends on farm size with larger farms paying less per hectare. With a choice of FARM LOCAL or FARM PLUS membership packages NIAB members sit at the heart of our industry and research networks and enjoy totally independent, science and business driven advice. We translate the most recent science into agronomic advice, allowing members to cope with external pressures such as legislative changes and economic challenges.

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If you are interested in a package for your own needs, e.g. corporate, field vegetable specialists, academics and students please contact the

NIAB Agronomy Membership Team

These can be based around the benefits of the standard membership packages, but we can also organise them to include preferential access to wider NIAB research and technical services.