NIAB consultancy

Through its Ventures business, NIAB is able to offer a wide range of consultancy services based on its core scientific and testing capabilities.  These include advice and support on:

  • novel crops and growing systems;
  • genetics and breeding;
  • crop modelling and data management;
  • agricultural systems;
  • horticultural crops;
  • sustainability and resource use efficiency;
  • technical due diligence; and
  • agritech innovation.

We are also able to work with governments and international organisations wishing to set up seed certification, quality assurance and variety management systems.

In addition to the elements listed above we provide agronomy and farm management advice through our TAG Consulting services.

All of our consulting services are provided on a practical and pragmatic basis as we understand the difference between ideal and feasible in a farming environment.

Contact ventures [at] (NIAB Ventures)