Chandra Bhan Yadav

Research Leader - Molecular Geneticist

Chandra is based at NIAB East Malling in the Genetics, Genomics and Breeding (GGB) Department.

He received his MPhil and a PhD degree from the University of Delhi and subsequently undertook post-doctoral research at the National Institute of Plant Genome Research in New Delhi India, the University of Milan in Italy, the Agricultural Research Organization (ARO) in Israel and Aberystwyth University before coming to NIAB.

Research interests

Chandra's research interests are focused on the regulation of genetic mechanisms controlling the fruit quality, and/or control of flowering/yield potential in Rosaceous crop plants, particularly strawberries, raspberries, apples, and cherries. He is also interested in exploring and understanding the genetic regulation of fruit quality including sweetness and aroma, ripening and shelf-life, fecundity; yield in Rosaceous fruit crops; and flowering/vernalisation.

He has worked extensively on developing genetics/breeding methods to integrate ‘grain nutritional’ and other ‘health benefitting traits’ in staple crops to enhance food nutrition towards improved health outcomes at a global scale.  Chandra has also explored the genetic resources by omics and metabolomics-based phenotypic approaches while also applying GWAS to find out the genetic determinants and the regulatory genes for the grain quality and nutritional quality of crop plants. Apart from this, he was involved in studying the role of key genes identified in the genetic mapping process through gene editing (CRISPR-Cas9) approaches.

Recent publications

Yadav, C.B., Gangashetty, P.I., Manfred, B., Mur, L.A.J., Yadav, R.S. (2022) Genotype-by-environment interaction analysis of metabolites in pearl millet genotypes with high concentrations of slowly digestible and resistant Starch in their grains. Cells 2022, 11, 3109.

Yadav, C.B., Srivastava, R.K., Gangashetty, P.I., Yadav, R., Mur, L.A.J., Yadav, R.S. (2021) Metabolite diversity and metabolic genome-wide marker association studies (mGWAS) for health benefiting nutritional traits in pearl millet grains. Cells, 10, 3076.

Yadav C.B., Srivastava R.K., Beynon S., Klaus E., and Yadav R.S., (2021) Genetic variability and genome-wide marker association studies for starch traits contributing to low glycaemic index in pearl millet. Food and Energy Security, 00, e341.

Yadav C.B., Tokas J., Yadav D., Winters A., Singh R.B., Yadav R., Gangashetty P., Srivastava R.K., and Yadav R.S., (2021) Identifying antioxidant biosynthesis genes in pearl millet [Pennisetum glaucum (L.) R. Br.] using genome-wide association analysis. Frontiers in Plant Science, 12, 599649.

Yadav C.B., Bhareti P., Muthamilarasan M., Mukherjee M., Khan Y., Rathi P. and Prasad M., (2015) Genome-wide SNP identification and characterization in two soybean cultivars with contrasting Mungbean Yellow Mosaic India Virus disease resistance traits. PLoS ONE 10(4): e0123897.

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