Dr Phil Howell

Dr Phil Howell
Head of Cereals Pre-Breeding
01223 342488 / 07787 413526

Research interests 

Since joining NIAB from the commercial sector in 2007, Phil has worked on breeding and pre-breeding aspects including NIAB's flagship wheat resynthesis programme, the development of MAGIC populations, and general breeding input into many other projects. Most recently he has headed up several industrial collaborations, exploring niche markets for cereals and high-value oilseeds, and working with food companies seeking novel ingredients.

Research projects

PROSYN – investigating grain protein deviation in wheat

Duration: October 2016-December 2019
Partners: NIAB, Arvalis, Limagrain, KWS Momont, Syngenta
Funding: FSOV (2016 L)


Recent publications

Fradgley N, Gardner K, Cockram J, Elderfield J, Hickey J, Howell P et al. A large-scale pedigree resource of wheat reveals evidence for adaptation and selection by breeders. 2019 PLoS Biol 17(2): e3000071 

Edwards SM, Buntjer JB, Jackson R, Bentley AR, Lage J,  Byrne E,  Burt C,  Jack P, Berry S,  Flatman E, Poupard B, Smith S, Hayes C, Gaynor R, Gorjanc G, Howell P et al. The effects of training population design on genomic prediction accuracy in wheat. 2019 Theor Appl Genet 132(7): 1943-1952 

Gaynor RC, Gorjanc G, Bentley AR, Ober ES, Howell P et al. A two-part strategy for using genomic selection to select inbred lines. 2017 Crop Sci 57: 2372-2386 

Mackay IJ, Bansept-Basler P, Barber T, Bentley AR, Cockram J, Gosman N, Greenland AJ, Horsnell R, Howells R, O’Sullivan D, Rose GA, Howell P. An eight-parent Multiparent Advanced Generation Inter-Cross population for winter-sown wheat: creation, properties
and validation
. 2014 G3 4:1603-1610 

Howell P et al. Rapid marker-assisted development of advanced recombinant lines from barley starch mutants. 2014 Mol Breed 33: 243-248 

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Find out about life as a plant breeder at NIAB as Dr Phil Howell discusses all about his role. From the big challenges ahead, his best research findings and top tips for anyone thinking of a career in crop science, Phil explains all. Plus what excites Phil most about his job and the best thing about working for NIAB.