Katie Stewart

PhD student – East Malling

Katherine’s research interests include plant-pathogen interactions and the many disciplines involved in this, including genetics, molecular microbiology and plant breeding.

Currently she is carrying out a PhD in environment and agrifood, and is based between NIAB at East Malling and Cranfield University. Her project focusses on the sexual reproduction of the apple scab fungus (Venturia inaequalis) with the aim to identify new methods to reduce the incidence and severity of infection in orchards.

This project is part of the Collaborative Training Partnership for Fruit Crop Research (CTP-FCR).

Current research/PhD projects

Understanding the dynamics of ascospore production to optimise apple scab management  September 2021 – September 2025
Cranfield University; WorldWide Fruit; National Association of Cider Makers UKRI/BBSRC

Publications:  Stewart, K., Passey, T., Verheecke-Vaessen, C., Kevei, Z. and Xu, X., 2023. Is it feasible to use mixed orchards to manage apple scab?. Fruit Research, 3(1).