Dr Anusree Saha

Anusree Saha
Postdoctoral researcher - Pre-breeding

Research interests

Anusree has joined NIAB in 2023 as a postdoctoral research associate. She is working in the group of Dr. Stephanie Swarbreck to understand the regulation of nitrogen responsiveness in wheat. She will focus on determining the role of strigolactone in wheat nitrogen responsiveness and its downregulation, therefore leading to selecting and developing wheat varieties with lower nitrogen requirement which is critical for the development of sustainable crop production system. During her PhD, she worked extensively to understand the role of ribosomal protein genes in abiotic and biotic stress tolerance in rice.

Research projects

Wheat decision: to respond or not respond to available nitrogen. (BBSRC funded- 2022-2025)

Recent publications

Moin, M*., Saha, A*., Bakshi, A., MS, M., and PB, K. (2021) Study on Transcriptional Responses and Iden_tification of Ribosomal Protein Genes for Potential Resistance against Brown Planthopper and Gall Midge Pests in Rice,Current Genomics, 22(2), 98-110. *equal contribution
Saha A, Das S, Moin M, Dutta M, Bakshi A, Madhav MS and Kirti PB (2017) Genome-Wide Identifica_tion and Comprehensive Expression Profiling of Ribosomal Protein Small Subunit (RPS) Genes and their Comparative Analysis with the Large Subunit (RPL) Genes in Rice.,Frontiers in plant science, 8:1553 doi: 10.3389/fpls.2017.01553.
Dutta, M., Saha, A., Moin, M., and Kirti, P. B. (2021). Genome-wide identification, transcript profiling and bioinformatic analyses of GRAS transcription factor genes in rice.,Frontiers in plant science, 2649 doi.org/10.3389/fpls.2021.777285.
Dutta, M., Moin, M., Saha, A., Dutta, D., Bakshi, A., and Kirti, P. B. (2021). Gain-of-function mutagenesis through activation tagging identifies XPB2 and SEN1 helicase genes as potential targets for drought stress tolerance in rice,Theoretical and Applied Genetics, 1-20.
Moin, M., Saha, A., Bakshi, A., Madhav, M. S., and Kirti, P. B. (2021). Constitutive expression of Ribosomal Protein L6 modulates salt tolerance in rice transgenic plants.,Gene, 789, 145670.

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