Scott Raffle

Scott Raffle
Senior Knowledge Exchange Manager - East Malling
07712 131769

Scott’s role is to raise the profile of the research and commercial activities at East Malling and to improve collaboration between the researchers and the fruit and wider horticulture industry. This includes the activities of the Growing Kent & Medway programme.

Scott has worked in the UK fruit industry since 1990, initially as a fruit consultant with ADAS, specialising in apple and pear storage and soft fruit production, with a particular interest in Integrated Pest and Disease Management. He has also worked for the levy bodies HDC and AHDB to disseminate the results of their fruit and ornamentals research programmes and to encourage the adoption of new technology by growers.

He uses his knowledge of both research and the industry to ensure that the latest R&D is of relevance to growers and that it can be utilised in commercial practice.