Jack Poulden

Jack Poulden
Research Trials Agronomist

I work with Nathan Morris and David Clarke as part of the NIAB Soils team at Morley in Norfolk. Predominately my work is focused on long term research projects looking at; improving soil health, cultivations, crop rotations, cover cropping, fungicide performance and soil amendments. Our work is mostly based out of Morley and across East Anglia including our Saxmundham research site and the STAR project, Suffolk.

My research interests include how to maximise yields and crop performance within the limitations of sustainable ecological boundaries and regenerative agriculture methodologies.

I am also a director of the Land Management Committee of Illketshall st Andrews, Suffolk, ensuring the good running of a modest estate of common land in my home villages. I also volunteer my time with a small cooperative farm venture, helping to build a successful model of a cooperative organized regenerative farming business.

Current research projects

Nitrogen Utilisation in Novel Wheat Varieties in Regenerative Agriculture Systems; Duration: 2022-2025; Funding: The Morley Agricultural Fund, JC Mann Trust.