Eda Knights

Eda Knights
PhD student - Cambridge

Research interests

I joined the team of Dr. Stéphanie Swarbreck as a PhD student in October 2023. In my project the overall hypothesis to be tested is whether we can reduce greenhouse gas (GHGs) emissions associated with wheat production by careful selection of new wheat lines and agronomic practises associated with regenerative agriculture.

Existing evidence already indicates that even small levels of diversity between wheat genotypes show differences in GHGs production. Combined with innovations in fertiliser management, there is thus great potential for mitigating greenhouse gas emissions through manipulation of crop genotypes and fertiliser use. With a combination of fieldwork measurements and modelling, I will address the following objectives: (1) assessing mechanisms of genotype-specific regulation of GHG production, (2) quantifying the potential of novel fertiliser application methods and (3) modelling the impacts of novel fertiliser applications on soil structure and health, in combination with genotypes at field to farm scale.

Current projects

Net zero wheat varieties
Duration: 2023-2027
Partners: NIAB, University of Nottingham, Sainsbury’s