Dr Julia Lambret Frotte

Dr Julia Lambret Frotte
Plant Molecular Biologist

Research interests

Julia works in NIAB's crop transformation team, where her research interests span molecular biology, gene editing, synthetic biology and development.



More on Julia's work

Recent publications

Lambret-Frotte, J., Smith, G. and Langdale, J.A. (2023), GOLDEN2-like1 is sufficient but not necessary for chloroplast biogenesis in mesophyll cells of C4 grasses. Plant J. 

Danila, F., Schreiber, T., Ermakova, M., Hua, L., Vlad, D., Lo, S.-F., Chen, Y.-S., Lambret-Frotte, J., Hermanns, A.S., Athmer, B., von Caemmerer, S., Yu, S.-M., Hibberd, J.M., Tissier, A., Furbank, R.T., Kelly, S. and Langdale, J.A. (2022), A single promoter-TALE system for tissue-specific and tuneable expression of multiple genes in rice. Plant Biotechnol J, 20: 1786-1806. 

Lambret-Frotté, J; Artico, S; Muniz Nardeli, S; Fonseca, F; Oliveira-Neto, OB; Grossi-de-Sá, MF and Alves-Ferreira, M. (2016) Promoter isolation and characterization of GhAO-like1, a Gossypium hirsutum gene similar to multicopper oxidases that is highly expressed in reproductive organs. Genome. 59(1): 23-36. 

Lambret-Frotté J, de Almeida LCS, de Moura SM, Souza FLF, Linhares FS, Alves-Ferreira M. (2015) Validating Internal Control Genes for the Accurate Normalization of qPCR Expression Analysis of the Novel Model Plant Setaria viridis. PLOS ONE 10(8): e0135006. 

Artico, S., Lambret-Frotté, J., Nardeli, S.M. et al. Isolation and Characterization of Three New Promoters from Gossypium hirsutum that Show High Activity in Reproductive Tissues. Plant Mol Biol Rep 32, 630–643 (2014). 

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