Mrs Laura Amos

Laura is involved with the Intellectual Property side of the business, working closely with East Malling Services and the Malling varieties. Laura also supports the new and exciting Glasshouse and Facilities project which has been approved at the East Malling site. Laura joined NIAB EMR in September, with 12 years previous experience within the Berry Fruit industry.

Mr Mark Coxeter

Mark Coxeter supports NIAB EMR in his capacity as a private consultant, his primary focus is on intellectual property licensing matters relating to the commercialisation of berry fruits globally.  With 30 years of work experience always within the horticultural/fresh produce industry and a wide network of relevant contacts in the berry industry, Mark works closely with the IP licensing arm of the business supporting East Malling Services Ltd. 

Mr Alin Borleanu

With more that 15 years experience in the soft fruit industry, Alin has worked in all aspects; farming, fruit production and fruit packaging, research and agronomic trials and most recently agronomy. 

Alin's qualifications include a BSc Agriculture, HND International Agriculture, BASIS and NRoSO.

Alin is very interested in sustainable agricultural practices, IPM, regenerative farming, and certified and ethical food production.

Mr David Evershed

Research interests

David is interested in many areas concerning seed analysis, storage, and the end uses of combinable and forage crops. Currently he holds the position of laboratory manager in the Biochemistry department at NIAB where he specialises in crop quality testing, especially with respect to malting and feed barley, milling and feed wheat and oilseed rape.

Mr Benjamin Tea

Ben's role within NIAB covers two main areas, that of a technical grower and in business development.

As a FACTS Qualified Advisor (Hort) Ben provides technical growing advice from his base at NIAB’s Park Farm glasshouse facility. He also produces bespoke fertigation systems and oversees the set up of protected/controlled environment facilities for all crops such as ornamentals, fruit, vegetables, cereals and legumes.

Ben's role within business development is to share his previous commercial experience and help develop ideas into actionable trials for NIAB’s customers.

Dr Tally Wright

Tally is a quantitative geneticist and data analyst working with Dr Keith Gardner, programme leader in quantitative genetics at NIAB. Tally works across a range of ongoing research projects in Cambridge Crop Research division and is involved in the analysis and design of a number of diverse and important NIAB wheat collections.


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