Ellie Wait

Ellie's role within the Ventures Team involves analysing new business opportunities and supporting Barn4 and the NIAB Group in business development activities. Ellie is responsible for managing and developing Barn4’s marketing strategy, alongside supporting the organisation’s day-to-day running.

Dr Patrick McKenna

Patrick is an agronomist and soil scientist. He manages five long-term field trials around Cambridge on the re-integration of species-rich leys and sheep grazing into arable farming systems. Particular research interests in this project include the effects of species diversity on forage production and nitrogen fixation, the accumulation of aggregate-bound soil organic carbon in ley systems, and the effects of ley cultivation on subsequent wheat performance.

Eithne Browne

Research interests

Eithne works in NIAB’s Pest and Pathogen Ecology group at East Malling investigating the diversity of Phytophthora and oomycete pathogens affecting red raspberry through field surveying, traditional isolation methods and high throughput sequencing.

Dr Charles Whitfield

Research interests

Charles undertakes research and development of products, tools, and methods to enable more efficient and environmentally sound crop protection. He is interested in transferring technology and methods from other sectors into agriculture, utilising a range of scientific fields such as semio-chemistry, insect behaviour, image analysis (fluorescence, hyper/multi spectroscopy), remote sensing (aerial and ground), automation and precision agricultural technology to develop novel methods of crop protection.

Dr Camila Zanella

Camila joined NIAB in 2016, working as a post-doc researcher across a range of ongoing research projects in the Cambridge Crop Research department. Her research focuses on the application of classical genetics studies, plant molecular genetics and genomics, including genetic mapping and genome wide association screens, to investigate the genetic control of disease resistance to stripe (yellow), leaf (brown) and stem (black) rust, yield, yield components, and quality traits in cereal crops, with particular focus on wheat and multi-founder advanced generation inter-cross (MAGIC) populations.

Dr Nada Šurbanovski

Based at NIAB East Malling Nada's research interests focus on the intersection between genetics and environment and the function that small non-coding RNAs and epigenetic mechanisms play in the information flow within the plant and between the plant and its surroundings. Small RNAs and mechanisms of epigenetic regulation are best known for their role in genome defence against transposons, but their functions in plants are vastly diverse and steadily increasing.


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