Ms Magdalena Cobo Medina

Research interests

Magdalena is a PhD student working on apple rootstocks, an essential component of successful tree fruit production. The main aim of her project is to understand the effect of dwarfing on root system architecture in apple allowing assessment of dwarfing-associated root development on nitrogen uptake.

Research projects

Combining root architecture, root function and soil management to improve production efficiency and quality of apples; Duration: Oct 2017-Sept 2021; Partners: CTP and University of Nottingham; Funding: CTP

Dr Fiona Wilson

Research interests

My current area of research is focused on understanding controls of secondary metabolism in Fusarium venenatum with the aim of disabling production of deleterious secondary metabolites and generating improved strains for production of nutritionally enhanced mycoprotein.

My background is in plant molecular biology, genetic transformation and the use of in vitro methods enabling improvement in clonal crops, including strawberry, top fruit, and fungi.


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