Dr Timo Hytönen

Research interests

Timo is working as a Principal Research Scientist at the Genetics, Genomics & Breeding Department at NIAB EMR and as an Associate Professor at the Department of Agricultural Sciences, University of Helsinki. His research focuses on the molecular control of reproductive development and environmental adaptation in strawberries using woodland strawberry as a model. His group applies population, quantitative and functional genomic methods to identify key genes and generates transgenic lines to validate gene functions.

Dr Thomas Wood

Research interests

Crop improvement, host-pathogen interactions, pathogenomics and the evolution of virulence, downy mildew species

Research projects

Panacea: Pathogenomics for Enhancing Food Security in Africa; Duration: August 2018-December 2019; Partners:  NIAB (lead), National Crop Resources Research Institute, Uganda; Funding: BBSRC-GCRF

(CP184) Downy mildew and Late blight Control: Duration: January 2019-December 2021; Partners: NIAB, JHI (Lead), ADAS, Stockbridge Technology Centre, UoWorcester; Funding: AHDB

Dr Matthew Milner

Research interests

Matt works as part of the transformation team at NIAB and is interested in all things related to plant nutrition. This includes how elements are taken up from the soil, how they are sensed and finally transported through the plant to help create the wide variety of phenotypes important to agriculture today.

Professor Xiangming Xu

Research interests

Xiangming focuses his research on elucidating quantitative epidemiology of important pathogens/diseases on perennial crops, including top/soft fruit and ornamental species with the aim to develop and implementing sustainable and integrated disease management strategies. More recently, Xiangming has been engaged in understanding soil/substrate microbial ecology using next generation sequencing technology, with specific interests in the use of beneficial microbes for improving crop productivity.

Dr Eleftheria Stavridou

Research interests

The aim of my research is to understand the nutritional requirements of both annual and perennial production systems and develop “best” management strategies that improve nutrient use efficiency in economically important crops while maintaining and/or improving existing yields and quality. I am also interest to manipulate nutrient supply to enhance secondary plant compounds on fruit and vegetables. To achieve this I study the influence of nutrient availability on phytonutrient biosynthesis, using physiological and molecular biological tools.

Dr Sandra Chapman

Research interests

Sandra is responsible for the delivery of large scale pathology field trials and specialised glasshouse and growth room tests. Trials are designed to test the performance of varieties in relation to disease resistance. She works with fungi, bacteria viruses and some nematodes, and the data obtained feeds into National and Recommended List resistance ratings. She also works with the agrochemical industry providing tests for product efficacy using a range of techniques to create infection and provide data for registration.

Ms Beatrice Corsi

Research interests

Host-pathogen interactions, pathogenomics

Research projects

Title: Panacea: Pathogenomics for enhancing food security in Africa
Duration: August 2018-September 2019
Partners: NIAB (lead), National Crop Resources Research Institute, Uganda

Title: (CP184) Downy mildew and late blight control
Duration: January 2019-December 2021
Partners:  NIAB, JHI (Lead), ADAS, Stockbridge Technology Centre, UoWorcester
Funding: AHDB


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