Future Farming Resilience Fund

Cereal crop in summer

Dr Elizabeth Stockdale

NIAB is excited to launch our support for farmers through the next phase of the Future Farm Resilience Fund. This will be available from October 2022. NIAB will be working in partnership with Savills and AKC to provide support to farmers in all sectors across England. More information will be added here soon.


The challenges caused by COVID-19, extreme weather events and the forthcoming changes to agricultural support may result in many farmers in England needing to adapt their business models and carefully consider options for the future.

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) Future Farming Resilience Fund will provide support to farmers as they prepare for the agricultural transition via a number of advice providers. Each provider will provide information, tools, advice, and support for farming businesses throughout this period of change.

In the winter of 2021, NIAB delivered a Future Farming Resilience Fund project with farmers in the Cotswolds and Wessex areas. NIAB worked with around 75 farmers through a series of workshops and on-farm visits covering the impacts of changes to direct payments, exploring options for farming system change and developing change management skills. In this project, NIAB aimed to provide each farmer with a toolkit to plan, implement then monitor changes at small-scale before acting to roll-out change across the business.


Workshops were held in November 2021 in Gloucestershire, Somerset and Hampshire and a virtual workshop via Zoom. The initial workshops allowed farmers to quantify the business impacts of direct payment reductions and explore options for change.

The virtual workshop was recorded and is now available to view.

Part one: Future farming resilence fund


Part two: The changes farmers are making on farm


Part three: Planning change - concepts and tools


The workshop is supported by a workbook, which gives the key slides and some follow up materials.