NIAB Landmark: Issue 51 - Winter 2022/23

20 Dec 2022
Landmark is NIAB's corporate publication, published three times a year, featuring in-depth technical articles on all aspects of NIAB crop research, comment and advice.

Available to all - access the online PDF version of Issue 51 - Winter 2022/23, featuring a special on cereal crop genetics

NIAB Landmark: Winter 2022/23

In this issue:

  • NIAB CEO Mario Caccamo introduces this cereal crop genetics special issue by outlining how NIAB has always been at the forefront of crop genetic innovation, using it across the business from seed testing and regulation through to research and development.
  • Some like it hot – Sigrid Heuer explains how crop plants respond to increasing temperatures and how we can breed heat tolerant crops.
  • Working towards a diverse UK wheat landscape – researcher Nick Fradgley takes a look at past and current wheat varieties to determine whether our cropping systems are genetically diverse enough for the challenges of the future.
  • Cereal starch and grain quality – Kay Trafford outlines how plants control the amount and nature of the starch that they make with a view to improving crop yield and quality.
  • In wheat, size really does matter says crop geneticist James Cockram – from the size of a variety’s pedigree, genome, flag leaf or stomata.
  • Researchers Fiona Leigh, Tally Wright and Richard Horsnell are harnessing the power of NIAB’s diversity-enriched wheat to find solutions to the challenges of food security and climate change, with the latest update to the long-running research programme that included Designing Future Wheat.
  • Stéphanie Swarbreck is getting to the root of lodging resistance in tef, a major grain and fodder crop in Ethiopia with potential in the UK and beyond due to its high protein, gluten-free grain.
  • Variety specialists Clare Leaman and Colin Peters summarise the new additions to the AHDB 2023/24 cereal and oilseeds Recommended Lists and the pulses in the PGRO 2023 Descriptive Lists.
  • NIAB’s senior KE manager at East Malling Scott Raffle introduces the new generation of talented fruit researchers emerging from the CTP Fruit Crop Research programme
  • NIAB research on the cabbage stem flea beetle lifecycle has uncovered new information that could help in the fight against the OSR pest explains Colin Peters.
  • Considering growing soya bean, lentils or sainfoin? Stuart Knight and Lydia Smith summarise the opportunities for underutilised crops in UK farming as a response to our dependence on relatively few crops.
  • NIAB’s Scott Raffle and Robert Saville explain how a Growing Kent & Medway-led support programme has assisted Kent fruit growing businesses in their journey towards net-zero.
  • Gerard Bishop believes that potato production in the coming years will radically change when advances in potato genetics enable the use of true potato seed and F1 hybrid diploids.

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