Dr Fiona Leigh

Dr Fiona Leigh
Senior Research Scientist
+44(0)1223 342485

Research Interests:

Molecular plant breeding and the study of genetic diversity and domestication of crop plants using molecular markers to identify and quantify genotype changes.

Currently, I am focusing on extending the bread wheat gene pool by understanding, exploiting and incorporating novel genetic diversity from wild and cultivated relatives of bread wheat; part of the BBSRC funded WISP programme. Extensive genetic diversity is available within a very accessible gene pool that includes diploid goat grass (Aegilops tauschii) and tetraploid wheats such as wild and cultivated emmer wheat (Triticum dicoccoides and T. dicoccum) and durum or pasta wheat (T. turgidum). To capture this diversity, tetraploid wheats are being crossed with UK bread wheat varieties.  We are creating UK-adapted ‘pre-breeding’ material which will be available for future work.

Some of my previous research has included the development of barley lines with novel starch phenotypes as part of the Smart Carbohydrate Centre, a BBSRC funded collaboration with the JIC. I have also been involved in studying the expansion of agriculture through Europe as part of a NERC funded consortium entitled ‘the domestication of Europe’. This was an assessment of the extent to which phylogeographical analysis of modern landraces of barley and emmer wheat, combined with genotypic analysis of preserved specimens could reveal genetic information pertaining to the spread and establishment of cereal agriculture through Europe. Other research has included assessing changes in genetic diversity of barley and potatoes in Europe over the past 50 years, developing markers for hybrid purity assessment and quantifying microsatellite mutation rates in a controlled sunflower population.


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