NIAB Soft Fruit Day - 30 November 23

Strawberry plants growing in rows at the WET Centre, NIAB West Malling

Technical webinar on soft fruit research

Thursday 30 November 2023

Recordings from the day now available!

This year’s annual soft fruit day was presented by NIAB as a virtual event to provide the industry with the latest results of a wide range of research projects led by NIAB and other researchers.


 Session 1: New Developments and Resource Use

Presentations from session one are:
Introducing Growing Kent & Medway and The Food Accelerator Programme (Jamilla Mohammed, Philip Doubleday and Lauren Colagiovanni)
Developing digital crop management technology (Charles Whitfield, NIAB)
Latest developments in coir recycling (Mat Papp-Rupar, NIAB)
Optimising strawberry yield potential for Total Controlled Environment Agriculture Systems (Mark Else, NIAB)
Matching nitrogen supply to demand in raspberry (Carlota Gonzalez-Noguer, NIAB)

Session 2: Variety updates and novel approaches to disease control

Presentations from session two are:

The efficacy of biocontrol agents for disease control in strawberry (Mat Papp-Rupar, NIAB)
Breeding raspberries and blackberries for today’s market (Feli Fernandez, NIAB)
Recent experiences with Malling Fruits’ varieties (Alin Borleanu, NIAB)
Identifying genes that confer resistance to strawberry powdery mildew (Samantha Lynn, NIAB)
Predicting the risk of Mucor and Rhizopus (Tom Passey, NIAB)

Session 3: Developments in soft fruit pest control and pollinators

Presentations from session two are:

Understanding aphid resistance to biocontrol (Laura Martinez-Chavez, Harper Adams University)
Developing IPM approaches to aphid, capsid and thrips control (Scott Raffle, NIAB)
The role of landscape complexity on abundance of predators and pollinators (Francis Wamonje, NIAB)
Wildflower mixes dedicated to soft fruit pollination (Sarah Arnold, NIAB)
Microbial signal can influence spotted wing drosophila egg laying (Fardina Rahimi, University of Southampton)
The impact of SWD bait sprays on non-target insects (Michelle Fountain, NIAB)
Latest results with sterile insect technique for SWD control (Glen Slade, BigSis)