NIAB Landmark: Issue 55 - Spring 2024

24 Apr 2024
Landmark is NIAB's corporate publication, published three times a year, featuring in-depth technical articles on all aspects of NIAB crop research, comment and advice.

Available to all - access the online flip-book and downloadable PDF versions of Issue 55 – Spring 2024.

NIAB Landmark: Spring 2024

In this issue:

  • NIAB CEO Mario Caccamo highlights the importance of translating plant science into practice, the lessons learnt from NIAB’s journey over the past 20 years and questions the UK’s fragmented approach to applied crop science, urging reform.
  • A bumper year for wheat and barley variety candidates for the AHDB Recommended List, all summarised by variety specialist Clare Leaman.
  • Forage specialist Ellie Roberts summarises the results and recommendations of NIAB and the Maize Growers Association’s study into understanding soil nitrogen supply and nitrogen use efficiency in UK maize crops
  • A review of the 2022/23 rust disease season with the UK Cereal Pathogen Virulence Survey team at NIAB and a request for yellow and brown rust samples from this year wheat crops.
  • NIAB’s Stephanie Swarbreck and Anusree Saha are investigating the role of strigolactones in regulating wheat tiller numbers in response to nitrogen availability and how they could help develop low N varieties.
  • The latest on the Sustainable Farming Incentive with the NIAB FFRF team, including advice on applying and options available.
  • The five-year long, multi-partner Yellowhammer project, studying yellow rust resistance in UK and northern European winter wheat to ultimately support commercial breeding programmes, has come to an end with the results summarised by Lesley Boyd and Camila Zanella.
  • Research and advice to arrest the decline in pollinating insects on UK farms, including the use of wildflower seed mixes, via the Beespoke project with Scott Raffle and Michelle Fountain.
  • Vine and wine at NIAB - Landmark profiles Viticulture and Oenology Group Leader Dr Belinda Kemp.

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