NIAB Landmark: Issue 50 - Autumn 2022

11 Oct 2022
Landmark is NIAB's corporate publication, published three times a year, featuring in-depth technical articles on all aspects of NIAB crop research, comment and advice.

Available to all - access the online PDF version of Issue 50 - Autumn 2022.

NIAB Landmark: Autumn 2022

In this issue:

  • The science of regenerative agriculture - NIAB CEO Mario Caccamo and Head of Farming Systems Elizabeth Stockdale introduce the 50th issue of Landmark and its focus on NIAB's extensive research and advisory work on regenerative agriculture.
  • Managing soil health in cropping systems - From STAR to the Morley SAMS project at Saxmundham, the Farming Systems Team outline NIAB's comprehensive, and long-term, research on managing soils to adapt to the challenges of climate change, including retaining more organic matter and nutrients and improving hydraulic function.
  • Opportunities for alternative proteins in the UK - The Growing Kent & Medway team explain what alternative proteins are, the opportunities for plant-based protein crops in the UK, fermentation processes invlved in the production of alternative protein, novel systems including insects and macro algae and the future prospects in both feed and food production.
  • Improving soil health in vineyards - Horticultural root biologist Flora O'Brien summarises how our unique experimental vineyard, at East Malling in Kent, is the location for new research into the impact of cover crops and non-chemical weed control on soil health, production efficiency and juice quality in UK vineyards.
  • Transforming food systems in Yorkshire - NIAB research agronomist Joseph Martlew introduces the FixOurFood initiative, creating a regenerative food system across Yorkshire. A pilot project, before potential national roll-out, it seeks to increase sustainability and resilience through exploring regenerative agriculture approaches.
  • Discovering agritech - shining a spotlight on the projects and businesses working with NIAB, though Barn4, the Eastern AgriTech Innovation Hub and Growing Kent & Medway initiatives. These offer innovative and sustainable solutions to the food and farming sector, both in the UK and globally, with Aceae Nutra and PES Technologies featured in this issue.
  • Using clover as an under-companion - Regional agronomist Keith Truett outlines NIAB's research on clover companion planting in combinable crop rotations. The advantages may be having a readily available source of N, a natural weed suppressant and added fertility, but Keith covers the practical successes and failures over the past five years of trials resulting in a do's and don'ts list of using clover as an under-companion.
  • Continued progress in spotted wing drosophila management - In the 12 years since spotted wing drosophila was first recorded in the UK senior knowledge exchange manager Scott Raffle summarises the progress made by NIAB in managing the pest in the UK fruit industry.
  • Growers lead Plum Demo Centre - A new grower consortium has been established at NIAB's Plum Demonstration Centre at East Malling, which features over 20 different varieties. This has led a new research focus on precision irrigation and fertigation, as water availability reduces and fertiliser costs increase.

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