Cereal Rusts & Powdery Mildews Conference 2022

Welcome to the 16th International Cereal Rusts and Powdery Mildews Conference 2022


Clare College, Cambridge, UK
31 August - 2 September 2022


Thank you to everyone who attended ICRPMC 2022.

ICRPMC 2022 was organised by NIAB on behalf of the European and Mediterranean Cereal Rust Foundation (EMCRF). Its mission was to promote and disseminate the latest scientific advances in research on cereal rusts and powdery mildews, and facilitate discussions and collaboration towards globally sustainable cereal disease management. 


Thursday 1 September 2022

08:30            Registration & welcome refreshments
09:00            Opening remarks
09:20            Session 1: Pathogen genomics, biology and epidemology. Chair: Robert Park
                         Adaptive genome evolution of the cereal powdery mildew fungi. Keynote: Stefan Kusch
09:50            Success and failure of invasive races of plant pathogens: the case of Puccinia striiformis f.s p.
                         tritici in France. Tiphaine Vidal
                         The Euro-Mediterranean population of Puccinia triticina on durum wheat is structured into
                         two genetic groups with distinct pathotypes. Roula Shamsi
                         Pathogenomics of wheat strip rust reveals a population shift in western Canada.
                         Samuel Holden
10:50            Refreshment break
11:20            Tracking the spread of a new population of the airborne fungal pathogen Puccinia graminis f.
                          sp. tritici in Sweden between years. Anna Berlin
                         Impact of host on shaping the pathogen population structure - the case study of Puccinia
in its Himalayan centre of Diversity. Sajid Ali  
                         Comparative population genetic structure suggested high divergence between the diverse
                         and recombinant P. striiformis populations of China and Pakistan. Muhammad Awais 
12:20            Lunch and posters
                         Group photo
13:20            Announcements
13:30            Session 2: Early Career Scientist Awards. Chair: Lesley Boyd
                         Cereal rust fungi undergo sexual reproduction in barberry species present in Europe.
                         Julian Rodriguez Algaba (BSPP awardee)
                         The Barley powdery mildew resistance gene MIa3 recognises the blast effector PWL2, and
                         its function is dosage-dependent. Diana Gomez de la Cruz (BSPP awardee)
                         A low-cost, high throughput method for determining rust effector protease targets for use
                         in decoy engineering. Tyler Frailie (BSPP awardee)
                         Mapping and validation of a stem rust seedling resistance gene in South African winter
                         wheat varieties. Martin Chemonges (BGRI awardee)
                         Mapping of Aegilops speltoides derived leaf rust resistance gene (LrS2427) and its
                         utilisation in wheat disease resistance breeding. Niranjana Murukan (BGRI awardee)
                         Unravelling the molecular basis of wheat powdery mildew's virulence patterns through
                         ultraviolet mutagenesis. Zoe Bernasconi (Patrick Schweizer awardee)
15:30            Refreshment break
16:00            Session 3: Integrated diease control and breeding for resistance. Chair: Charlotte Nellist
                         From plant breeding to integrated management of varietal resistances.
                         Keynote: Jérôme Enjalbert
16:30            Yellowhammer: A genome-wide association study of field yellow rust resistance in
                         European winter wheat (Triticium aestivum). Camila Zanella
                         Genetic mapping of barley stripe rust reistance loci from diverse wild and landrace
                         accessions. James Russel
                         Three-year field nurseries on the susceptibility of European wheat varieties to novel rust
                         races. Philipp Schulz
                         Summoning the ancestors: unearthing resistance to stripe rust in Aegilops tauschii.
                         Vincent Fetterley
17:50            Talks finish for the day
19:00            Conference Dinner (Conference Dinner ticket holders only)

Friday 2 September 2022   

08:30            Welcome refreshments
09:00            Announcements
09:10            Session 3 continued: Integrated disease control and breeding for resistance.
                         Chair: Charlotte Nellist

                         Control of wheat stem rust (Puccinia gramminis f. sp. tritici) - studies on fungicide efficacy
                         depending on temperature, application date and dose rate in climate chamber and field
                         trials. Anne-Kristin Schmitt
                         Genome-wide association mapping across multiple field environments identifies a stable
                         QTL for yellow rust resistance on chromosome 6A. Min Lin
09:50            Session 4: Molecular and cell biology of plant-pathogen interactions.
                         Chair: Thierry Marcel

                         Genomics-assisted cloning of durable rust resistance genes in wheat.
                         Keynote: Simon Krattinger
10:20            Long-read genome sequencing of bread wheat facilitates disease resistance gene cloning.
                         Kaveenkumar Athiyanna
                         NRLseek: A High-Throughput Trait Discovery Pipeline for Functional NLRs. Helen Brabham
                         New Molecular Mechanisms of race-specific Resistance: From NLRs to Novel Chimeric
                         Immune Receptors. Javier Sanchez-Martin
11:20            Refreshment break
11:50            Cloning of novel stripe rust resistance gene with a partial dominance mode of function
                         derived from wheat wild relative. Valentyna Klymiuk
                         Cultivar dependent amplitute of soil bacteria-induced leaf rust resistance in wheat.
                         Fabio Mascher
                         Wheat transcription factors involved in plant immunity are targeted by the powdery
                         mildew effector AvrPm2. Beatrice Manser
12:50            Lunch and posters
13:50            Announcements
14:00            Session 5: Global landscapes of cereal rust and powdery mildew fungi.
                         Chair: Mogens Hovmoller 

                         Drivers of evolution within yellow and stem rust. Keynote: Annemarie Fejer Justesen
14:30            Is aggressiveness a significant component of the adaptation of populations of Puccinia
to the cultivated landscape? Cecilia Fontyn 
                          Management of rust diseases using IPM-principles. Lise Nistrup 
                         Tackling a formidable foe: the fightback against a forgotten enemy in Western Europe.
                         Diane Saunders
15:30            Refreshment break
16:00            Genebank 2.0: An integrated strategy to a digital catalogue of wheat genetic diversity.
                         Dimitar Douchkov
                         What have we learned about wheat stripe rust in Canada - where are we heading?
                         Gurcharm Brar 
                         Wheat Rust Early Warning System prevents yellow rust epidemic in Ethiopean wheat fields.
                         David Hobson
17:00            Closing remarks                                

Sessions will be held on key topics including:

  • Pathogen Genomics, Biology and Epidemiology ​​
    • Keynote Speaker: Dr Stefan Kusch, RWTH, Aachen, Germany
  • Integrated disease control and breeding for resistance
    • Keynote Speaker: Dr Jérôme Enjalbert, INRAE, France​​
  • Molecular and Cell Biology of Plant-Pathogen Interactions 
  • Global Landscapes of Cereal Rust and Powdery Mildew Fungi 

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