Agricultural crop breeding

Crop breeding is a key capability across NIAB.  At our Cambridge site we focus on developing material in the following areas:

  • ‘Orphan’ crops – these often offer great potential, with slow varietal improvement and uptake to date due to a lack of previous investment in research and development
  • Novel crops – combining genetics and agronomy to rapidly improve those untapped plant species with the most potential for sustainable productivity
  • Niche varieties – high-value specialist markets within otherwise commodity crops

We are keen to work with academic and commercial partners across the food/nutrition, beverage, feed, fibre, biofuel and pharmaceutical sectors.

More information:

  • Contact Phil Howell on NIAB's agricultural and high-value orphan/novel crop offers
  • Contact dan.sargent [at] (Dan Sargent) for information on NIAB's perennial crop breeding services at East Malling.