NIAB EMR Tree Fruit Day - 24 Feb 22

Ripe apples on a tree

Technical webinar on Tree Fruit Research

Thursday, 24 February 2022

A comprehensive round up of the latest information on tree fruit research at NIAB EMR and other centres.

This year’s annual tree fruit event was presented by NIAB EMR as a virtual event to provide the industry with the latest results of AHDB and other funded research projects. The event featured the latest developments in Dynamic Controlled Atmosphere storage of apples and promising new technology on detecting Neonectria ditissima (canker) in harvested apple fruit. Also included are several short presentations from the CTP PhD students who focus on fruit research along with the latest results from SWD research projects. It will conclude with research into brown marmorated stink bug, woolly apple aphid and IPM techniques in orchard crops. Presentations will also be made on the latest research into apple canker control.

You can now watch recordings of the sessions:

Session 1:   Post-harvest technology and Disease Control

  • Advances in Dynamic Controlled Atmosphere technology in apple stores (Debbie Rees, Greenwich NRI)
  • Detection of storage diseases and disorders (Richard Colgan, Greenwich NRI)
  • Understanding the resilience of soil beneficials to combat Apple Replant Disease (Chris Cook, NIAB EMR)
  • The role of endophytes in affecting European apple canker (Xiangming Xu, NIAB EMR)
  • Biological control developments in apple canker control (Matevz Papp-Rupar, NIAB EMR)
  • Understanding bacterial pathogen and epiphyte populations in cherry (Mojgan Rabiey, University of Birmingham)

Session 2:   Advances in Spotted Wing Drosophila Control

  • Reducing over-wintering populations of SWD (Adam Walker, NIAB EMR)
  • Investigating native parasitoids as a control agent for SWD (Bethan Shaw, NIAB EMR)
  • Deploying the sterile insect technique (SIT) to control SWD (Glen Slade, BigSis)
  • Research into oviposition deterrents for SWD (Trisna Tungadi, NIAB EMR)
  • Developing repellents for a push/pull approach to SWD control (Bethan Shaw, NIAB EMR)
  • Assessing the use of bait sprays on cherry crops (Ralph Noble, Microbiotech)

Session 3:   New Developments in Integrated Pest Management Strategies

  • The latest developments on Brown marmorated stink bug (Michelle Fountain, NIAB EMR)
  • Resistance and susceptibility in interactions between apple and woolly aphids (Cindayniah Godfrey, NIAB EMR)
  • Radio tagging earwigs to understand successful woolly apple aphid control (Hayden Tempest, NIAB EMR)
  • Predicted effects of temperature on pest-parasitoid dynamics in a warming climate (Stuart    Edwards, University of Reading)
  • Living mulches to improve soil health and encourage natural enemies (Marios Stamatiou, NIAB EMR)
  • Sustainable management of orchard pollination services (Michelle Fountain, NIAB EMR)

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