UPDATE: wanted - yellow and brown rust samples for UKCPVS

30 Apr 2020

As an update to our 2nd April request, outlined below, thank you to all who have already sent in samples of yellow rust to UKCPVS at NIAB, helping us maintain our service in these difficult times.

Regional reports of relatively high levels of early yellow rust on some winter wheat varieties cited as having seedling stage resistance (typically, before early stem extension) reinforce the need to be vigilant. As part of its efforts to monitor changes in UK cereal pathogen populations, UKCPVS is already processing samples from these varieties.

However, a broader set of samples will improve the robustness of these tests. If you observe high levels or unexpected levels of rust (any growth stage), it is important to contact UKCPVS and continue to send in samples. Contact:


2nd April 2020

Many thanks to all who sent in samples of yellow and brown rust to the UKCPVS project in 2019. And we are now looking for samples for this year.

For the coming season it is important to continue to submit samples while ensuring that government guidelines relating to the Covid-19 outbreak are met. We would like to reassure everyone that samples are still being processed at NIAB, and that testing procedures should be continuing as planned, with staff working in new ways to ensure delivery.

Dr Lucy James, NIAB’s cereal pathology programme leader, who has recently taken over responsibility for the project, emphasises the need for samples of yellow rust, and later brown rust, to keep coming. “Without them, we cannot understand what is happening in the populations of these diseases, which provides essential information to growers, testing authorities and plant breeders. We know there is very active yellow rust in some areas now, and appreciate every sample that is sent in."

Send your samples to: FREEPOST UKCPVS and fill in the sample details on the form available here