Dr Lucy James

Dr Lucy James
Programme Leader, Cereals Pathology
01223 342508

Research interests

Lucy is a plant pathologist whose interests include identification and characterisation of disease resistance and tolerance traits and understanding plant pathogen populations and their interaction with host resistance. In particular, Lucy project manages the UK Cereal Pathogen Virulence Survey (UKCPVS) which actively monitors changes in pathogen virulence across the UK and is also an active member of the consortium delivering the Wheat Rust Early Warning programme, Rust Watch.

Prior to joining NIAB in March 2020, Lucy worked for six years as a Senior Scientist at ADAS, where she project managed a number of pathology based research projects in cereals and a five-year prebreeding programme to develop virus yellows resistance in sugar beet.

Research projects

UKCPVS: UK Cereal Pathogen Virulence Survey; Funding: AHDB (21120034), H L Hutchinsons Ltd, Frontier, DSV UK Ltd, Elsoms Wheat Ltd, RAGT Seeds Ltd, Limagrain UK Ltd, KWS UK Ltd, Syngenta.

RustWatch: Wheat Rust Early Warning Research programme; Duration: 2018-2022; Partners: https://agro.au.dk/forskning/projekter/rustwatch/about-the-project/partners/; Funding: H2020

Yellowhammer: A multi-locus strategy for durable yellow rust resistance in wheat, in the face of a rapidly changing pathogen landscape; Duration: October 2018-September 2022; Partners: NIAB (lead); UK Wheat breeders; Funder: BBSRC LINK (BB/R019231/1)

Recent publications

Engelsdorf, T., Kjaer, L., Gigli-Bisceglia, N., Vaahtera, L., Bauer, S., Miedes, E., Wormit, A., James, L., Chairam, I., Molina, A. and Hamann, T., 2019. Functional characterization of genes mediating cell wall metabolism and responses to plant cell wall integrity impairment. BMC plant biology, 19(1), p.320.

L. James, J. Smith, N. Paveley, L. Mur, J. Brown. 2016. Screening for ‘costs of disease resistance’. AHDB Report 557. 

L. James, K.M.R. Bean, M.K. Grimmer, S. Barnes, T. Kraft, M. Stevens, 2012. Varieties of the future: Identification of ‘broad spectrum’ genetic resistance in sugar beet. Int Sugar Journal. 114: 164-168

L. Denness, J.F. McKenna, C. Segonzac, A. Wormit, P. Madhou, M. Bennett, J. Mansfield, C. Zipfel, and T. Hamann, 2011.  Cell wall damage-induced lignin Biosynthesis is regulated by a reactive oxygen species- and jasmonic acid-dependent Process in Arabidopsis. Plant Physiology 156 (3), 1364-1374.

T. Hamann and L. Denness, 2011. Cell wall integrity maintenance in plants: Lessons to be learnt from Yeast? Plant signalling and behaviour 6 (11), 1-5.

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