TRAINING: Distance Learning at Bangor for Pasture Based Agriculture

15 Feb 2013

Participants at a two day Advanced Training Partnership workshop, offered by Bangor University in Birmingham discovered some interesting facts about carbon foot printing and life cycle assessment of pasture-based agricultural practices.  Would you like to explore what they found at greater depth? 

Bangor will be offering a 12 week Distance Learning course, Carbon Foot Printing and Life Cycle Assessment, starting on February 18.  Bangor University, in conjunction with Aberystwyth University and the National Institute of Agricultural Botany (NIAB-TAG), are part of an Advanced Training Partnership (ATP) funded by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC). 

Costs of the courses currently being offered are offset by generous bursaries for students who are employed in the agri-food industry.  The cost for the accredited, fully assessed, course, optionally part of a postgraduate certificate, diploma, or Master’s degree in Science should you choose to continue with further modules from Bangor or Aberystwyth, is only £240.

Sign up today.  Reserve your spot by contacting n.wallis [at] (Nicky Wallis), ATP Administrator, Bangor University

For further information, visit our website or contact t.fisher [at] (Toni Fisher), Distance Learning Coordinator, Bangor University