Send us your OSR stem samples

7 Jan 2022
Larval cabbage stem flea beetle
Want to help us understand how different cropping techniques are affecting cabbage stem flea beetle larval numbers? Send us your samples - it's free!

As we all know, the national oilseed rape crop has suffered from CSFB damage in recent years and this has led to growers trialing a wide range of interventions to try to combat the threat of adult feeding and later larval damage, such as:

  • early or late drilling
  • companion crops
  • organic amendments
  • different varieties

and many more.

We often hear from growers that they are not sure if it is helping and, as such, we need to have a look at field scale to compare the different interventions. To do this, we need lots of samples and so need your help.

What samples do we need?

This winter (2021-22) we would like to take a snapshot across the national oilseed rape crop and carry out a stem larval assessment of as many different crops as possible. This includes normal monocrops, as much as those with companions etc, as well as varieties and drilling dates to ensure a full comparison of as many aspects as possible. The more samples gathered, the better our chance of seeing differences and we will report back directly to all those who help.

Yes, it is totally free! All that is needed is ten plants from a field crop using a representative area of about 5m2.

If you have different varieties or drilling dates or a range of interventions, we would especially ask for a sample from each.

Watch the short video and find out how to take the simple stem sample:

Contact NIAB Break Crop Specialist, Colin Peters, for postage paid bags etc, confirming how many samples you want to send and we will be in touch.

Contact Colin

Many thanks for your help.