NIAB Welcomes Mayor to Cambridge Site

6 May 2008

NIAB was pleased to welcome the Mayor of Cambridge, Coun Jenny Bailey, on a fact finding visit at its leading plant science research organisation in the city.

She met some of their key scientists who are researching cutting edge plant breeding projects, many of which it is hoped will lead to new crops being produced to feed the world’s expanding population, particularly in developing countries and areas of drought stress.

Coun Bailey met NIAB staff during a recent event it hosted to promote the Year of Food and Farming campaign at the Cambridge University Botanic Garden and she expressed an interest in learning more about their pioneering work.

During the visit to their Huntingdon Road premises, she met NIAB’s Chief Executive, Prof Wayne Powell, and Chairman Tony Pexton.

Coun Bailey said:

“I was at the event at the Botanic Garden and realised that NIAB was a famous Cambridge organisation which I had not visited and I was very keen to learn about its research work which is not in the public gaze. I have found it very interesting.”

Tony Pexton said he was delighted to welcome the Mayor:

“It was a great pleasure to welcome the Mayor to NIAB. It is very important that people in Cambridge know about the plant research and trialling which we do, as well as finding new ways to overcome crop diseases. We were able to explain how important it is for growers to meet the demands of the marketplace, care for the environment and produce crops competitively.”

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