NIAB Variety Award Cup 2008 Presented to Nickerson

2 Jun 2008

Nickerson, a leading plant breeding and seed development company, was presented with the coveted NIAB Variety Cup 2008 for its winter barley Pearl at Cereals 2008.

The annual award is made by the National Institute of Agricultural Botany to the breeder of a variety that has demonstrated merit by making a major contribution to sustained crop productivity through improved quality, disease resistance and grower return.

It was presented by NIAB site director Dr Tina Barsby to senior barley breeder, Mark Glew. Dr Barsby said that although Pearl was not a new variety, it had consistently made a major contribution on barley productivity since being launched in 2000, and continued to have a large market share.

Mr Glew said he was delighted to receive the award and paid tribute to Nickerson’s long standing barley breeder Rodney Habgood, who was responsible for the breeding of Pearl.

Pearl has been the mainstay of the winter barley malting market since 2000 and still retains a large commercial area. Its popularity has been driven by a combination of high yield, reliable agronomic characters and good malting quality. Not since Igri in the 70s/80s has a single variety been so successful in the winter barley market in terms of share and longevity.

Further information is available from Dr Tina Barsby or Press Consultant Ellee Seymour, on 01353 648564 or 07939 811961.