NEWS: NIAB’s Ian Mackay is making crop genetics magical as UEA Visiting Professor

12 Oct 2016

Ian Mackay, head of quantitative genetics at the UK crop research organisation NIAB, has been appointed a Visiting Professor at The University of East Anglia.Professor Ian Mackay

Professor Mackay is well known within the international crop science community for his research work and teaching on statistical methods and their application in crop genetic improvement and plant breeding. He has been involved in the development of multiparent advanced generation intercross, otherwise known as MAGIC, populations and has demonstrated the power of re-analysis of historical series of variety trials.

NIAB’s Director of Genetics and Breeding Dr Alison Bentley says: “Ian’s Professorship acknowledges his ongoing contribution to genetics and statistics teaching and research at UEA and we’re delighted that his extraordinary experience and expertise has been honoured in this way.”