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Dr Alison Bentley

Head of Genetics and Breeding

T: 01223 342382Dr Alison Bentley, NIAB
E: Alison Bentley
Twitter: @AlisonRBentley

Alison leads a team of 40+ scientists within NIAB’s Genetics & Breeding Department, working on a range of applied crop science projects. Alison joined NIAB in 2007 and prior to her current role led NIAB’s trait genetics research programme.

An agricultural science graduate from The University of Sydney in Australia, where she also completed her PhD, Alison has a strong interest in the genotype x environment interactions controlling complex traits and in the application of genomics in the breeding of high yielding, climate resilient cereals. She has worked on a range of projects within NIAB’s flagship wheat pre-breeding programme, including research on characterising flowering time response and the exploitation of novel genetic diversity and genomics tools for wheat improvement. Alison is a strong proponent of the use of breeding technologies to accelerate the genetic improvement of arable crops and regularly interacts with industry on future technology applications. Dr Bentley is currently chair of the UK MonoGram small grain and grasses community and has been involved with the Wheat Initiative, an international partnership of private and public organisations engaged in global wheat research.

Current research projects:

Recent research projects:

  • Improved crop breeding programmes through advanced Pollination Control Bag materials technology
  • The BBSRC funded Wheat Improvement Strategic Programme (WISP)

Current PhD students:

Franziska Fischer
Funmi Ladejobi
Tobias Barber
Greg Reeves


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