NEWS: 20% discount on NIAB LabTest

7 Jul 2015

With harvest fast approaching NIAB LabTest is offering a 20% discount on our three most popular seed test packages.

Choose either our Wheat Standard Package, the Field Bean Standard Package or the Rapid Seed Test, which includes tetrazolium viability and vigour, and send the attached voucher in with your sample. The discount is available for one use only on a single test.Verticillium Wilt test

Free postage-paid bags and sample bags are available – just call 01223 342243 or email labtest [at] with your contact details, including postal address.

This spring we launched a new soil test for Verticillium Wilt in oilseed rape (see attached) with an introductory price of only £210. Verticillium is now an established pathogen of oilseed rape in the UK. It causes the crop to senesce prematurely and can result in yield losses of 20%. We can also test for Verticillium Wilt in seed.

NIAB LabTest has a new webpage, with easy access to information and prices on our wide range of seed, grain, soil, quality and plant tests. Price increases have been kept to the minimum with some of our single disease tests dropping in price for 2015. Our single bunt test is now £45.00, down from £66.40 in 2014. Our packages combine the most popular tests and still offer good value for money.

NIAB LabTest staff can advise you on the most suitable test, check on sample progress and help interpret a test result. Contact us on 01223 342243 or email labtest [at]