Meet the Scientist: Dr Julia Lambret Frotte

19 Jan 2024
Dr Julia Lambret Frotte, sat in a laboratory
In the latest of NIAB's meet the scientist series, Dr Julia Lambret Frotte discusses her current research - developing a transformation protocol for potato.

Julia is a Plant Molecular Biologist working in NIAB's Crop Transformation department - a team that uses precision breeding techniques to help produce crops that are more resistant to drought, pests and diseases.

In this short video, part of NIAB's Meet the scientist series, Julia explains what her role is, shows the some of the techniques she uses to transform crops and tells us what excites her about her job.

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Meet the Scientist is a series of short interviews with NIAB staff where they explain more about their role, the research they are doing and how this addresses the challenges and questions we face. Watch the whole 'Meet the Scientist' series or see or more videos from NIAB on our YouTube Channel.