Free NIAB webinar event highlights latest tree fruit research

20 Jan 2023
Research into the use of precision dosing sprayers forms part of NIAB’s Tree Fruit technical webinar event
The NIAB Tree Fruit Webinar takes place online on Tuesday 21st February, from 11.00am to 4.20pm.

Places are available for a free-to-attend technical webinar featuring the latest research and advice for UK and overseas tree fruit growers and farmers, trade and scientists. Run by NIAB, the Tree Fruit Day event is taking place online on 21st February 2023.

Charles Whitfield, based at NIAB in East Malling, Kent, opens the full day event discussing the development of a precision dosing orchard sprayer and fluorometer technology to assess spray application. Richard Colgan, from the University of Greenwich, will cover his research detecting and predicting internal browning in apple, while Mark Else will update delegates on NIAB’s Plum Demonstration Centre. Robert Saville follows with how Growing Kent & Medway is supporting sustainable innovation in horticulture.

Three afternoon sessions offer new findings on pest and pathogen ecology, led by NIAB in collaboration with Universities and industry. This includes canker and replant research in apple, and bacterial canker in cherry, followed by pest research on forest bug, apple sawfly and brown marmorated stink bug. The event will also highlight work by PhD students on pear sucker, the impact of wildflowers on pest control and solitary ground-nesting bees in apple orchards. The final session provides an update on the development of new management techniques for spotted wing drosophila in plum and cherry trees.

NIAB Knowledge Exchange Manager Scott Raffle, commented, “With the winding down of AHDB horticultural activities last year, NIAB has welcomed the opportunity to ensure this annual industry event remains on the calendar. Presenting it on a virtual platform has proven popular over the past few years, with a larger audience drawn from across the UK and abroad. I encourage everyone with an interest in tree fruit production to attend, to keep abreast of some really exciting new findings in a range of research and demonstration projects being managed by NIAB at East Malling and elsewhere.”