Fascination of Plants Day 2021

18 May 2021
NIAB Staff Member Zoe Clarke and Fascination of Plants Day text
For this year's Fascination of Plants Day we asked some of NIAB's staff just what fascinates them about plants, how that led them to their job now and what some of their favourite crops, plus much more!

For more on Fascination of Plants Day see: plantday18may.org or social media.

NIAB staff work across a variety of crops and plants, but where did the love of plants come from, how does it help in their careers and what are some of our staff's favourite plants/crops? Featuring staff across the NIAB HQ in Cambridge, Park Farm, the MacLeod Complex Glasshouses and Barn4 at Histon and NIAB EMR in East Malling, Kent, find out in our video, below.