COURSE: Fusarium and Mycotoxin Course 6th-11th July

12 Jun 2015

The five-day course will include:

A day on Fusarium ear blight of winter wheat, with an inoculated trial showing symptoms caused by the different pathogens, cultivar evaluation, pathogen diagnostics.

A day on regulations for mycotoxins, sampling and rapid test methods – especially those linked to Fusarium.

Topics covered by NIAB's Jane Thomas, Head of Field Crops Research and Plant Pathologist, will include:
- A review on maize crop in the EU
- Fusarium in maize - symptoms/epidemiology - stalk and cob
- Review of work in EU
- UK Information - incidence, species, cultivar effects, mycotoxin levels.

The practical sessions will be combined with lectures and discussion sessions providing background for the practical sessions and other relevant topics.

The course will be held at FERA Science Ltd, Sand Hutton, York, UK.

Download the course programme by clicking here.

Delegates must register and pay the registration fee of £50 per person by 19th June 2015.