CASE STUDY: Kellogg's Origins

12 Jul 2016

NIAB helps the Kellogg's Origins programme to build relationships with farmers and achieve sustainable sourcing goals.NIAB Kelloggs Origins case study

Building good relationships with farmers and millers is vital for Kellogg’s to achieve security of supply of ingredients that meet the right quality specification and minimise impact on the environment. The Kellogg’s Origins™ Programme is working to make a long term difference to its producer base, by providing access to the tools and knowledge required to improve yields and profitability – while also bringing environmental benefits at the field and farm level.

NIAB has been working with farmers, The Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT), European Food and Farming Partnerships (EFFP) and Kellogg’s to make the Origins programme happen on the ground – with impartial scientific and agronomic advice delivered directly to farmers.

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