TRAINING: Book your place on our National Agronomy Training workshops

28 Oct 2013

Improve your agronomy and crop management skills and knowledge with our classroom-based training courses available at locations across England, with bookings now being taken.

The NIAB National Agronomy Training courses are open to all, including non-members with discounts available for NIAB TAG members, and are suitable for agriculture students, farmers, agronomists and advisors.

The workshops include:

  • Grass weed management

A half day workshop with John Cussans covering the basics of grass weed biology, the current status of herbicide resistance, integrated weed management approaches, cultivations, crop competitions, rotations and the herbicide programmes.

  • Cereal disease control

A half day workshop with Bill Clark and Nick Watson covering a review of the 2012/2013 seasons on yellow rust, septoria and fusarium ear blights, understanding septoria epidemics in relation to growth stage and leaf emergence, the need for multiple timings outside the conventional T1, T2 and T3 timings, the role of fungicides, especially SDHI and strobilurin fungicides, in maintaining high yields, update on fungicide performance and resistance status in Septoria tritici and net blotch, understanding the role of the T3 spray – maintaining green leaf area during grain filling as well as controlling fusarium ear blights and barley fungicide programmes and performance update.

  • Seed management

A full day workshop with Ben Freer, Jane Thomas, Jane Taylor and Jennifer Wyatt featuring seed treatments, managing sowing seed, seed germination & vigour, seed & soil-borne diseases and seed certification

  • Mechanisation and soils

A full day workshop with Clare Butler Ellis, Neil Watson and Ron Stobart featuring spray applications, rotations & system performance and value of cover crops in soil & system management, value of soil management and tyres, traction & compaction

Download the Grass Weed Management and Cereal Disease control workshops flyer and accompanying booking form

Download the Seed Management and Mechanisation and Soils workshops flyer and accompanying booking form

All courses will be held in January, February and March 2014 and are available at the following locations:

  • NIAB, Cambridge – all four workshops
  • Cirencester, Gloucestershire – all four workshops
  • Newbury, Berkshire – all four workshops
  • Norton Disney, Lincolnshire – all four workshops
  • Morley, Norfolk – all four workshops
  • Headcorn, Kent - Grass Weed Management and Cereal Disease Control workshops only
  • Berwick, Northumberland - Grass Weed Management and Cereal Disease Control workshops only

Prices start at £111 + VAT per half day course under the Early Bird Discount available if you book before 31/12/2013. BASIS and NRoSO CPD points available.

For more information contact Julie Phillips or Patricia Pinchen at NIAB Morley on 01953 713200 or by training [at] (email)