Speeding up marker discovery

6 Mar 2008

NIAB scientists have recently published details of how they have validated a new method of mapping genes which utilises the natural genotypic variation in a large variety collection rather than in crosses between contrasting parents. A paper in the journal of BMC Genetics (to access, click here) describes application of so-called association mapping to the vernalization requirement in barley. As the results of this proof-of-concept study show, results can not only be more rapidly obtained than traditional methods of genetic analysis, but can also be extremely powerful in localising the DNA differences that cause the phenotype in question.

An Open Access online journal - BMC Genetics - was chosen for this publication so that the results would be freely available to all immediately upon publication. Since its advance online publication in provisional form, the article has already been tagged as “Highly Accessed”.

Further information can be obtained from the NIAB Research Publications page or by contacting Donal OSullivan