Regenerative Vegetable Farming on Lowland Peat

23 May 2022
The WWF-Tesco ‘Veg Production in Lowland Peat’ aims to identify the barriers to and opportunities for regenerative vegetable production in lowland peat.

As part of this project, UKCEH and NIAB are holding a workshop to discuss regenerative farming practices/procedures that aim to improve on-farm sustainability, with a particular focus on soil carbon (eg reducing soil carbon losses as greenhouse gases).

This will include discussions about reduced tillage practices all the way through to high water table and vertical farming. The purpose of the workshop is to facilitate discussions to help identify the barriers to and opportunities for regenerative farming on agricultural peat.

The workshops will be held at Baston Village Hall, Peterborough PE6 9PA on the 13th June, and will include a free meal.

Each session is limited to 30 attendees, we therefore recommend that you register as soon as possible. If you are have any queries please contact Jenny Rhymes on jenrhy [at]

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